Our Story

Traveling was not always our passion. But once you do it, you can never stop. It’s our drug, our energy, always our next plan.

Long story short… we are two twin sisters from Greece, that grew up in a small town in the deep nature of North Greece, a beautiful part of our country that most tourists usually tent to overlook while seeking for something closer to the beach. By the age of 17 we moved to Thessaloniki, the 2nd largest city of Greece, and by the age of 18 we decided to make our first travel abroad, together, spending our summer, while volunteering in Romania.

The time that followed, we never stayed in one place, restless for exploring anything new we, then, decided to go abroad and test ourselves for a longer period of time. And we did so.. This time saying “goodbye” for 8 months, we splited our ways – one of us ending up in Poland and the other falling in love with Romania once again.

Reunited and while settling down again, trying to express and share all our previous traveling experiences we decided to start our own little blog. It’s all about keeping our motivation high and hopefully inspiring others in the meanwhile… after all traveling is a state of mind!
Stay tuned…Next stop: Portugal!

Meet the Team



Blog writer

I'm Ellie! 20-year-old, greek girl, currently studying in Thessaloniki,Greece. I enjoy spending time in my beautiful country but I am also in love with traveling, discovering new places and especially meeting local people. Perhaps, learning their language as well! I'm a freak when it comes to learning new languages!



Blog writer

My name is Eleni, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Greece. I am a university student in the field of education and recently, due to some volunteering sercives I've done abroad I discovered my passion both for volunteerism and traveling. I also enjoy writing and with this blog I'm here to compine my passions into one thing: travel blogging.

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